Get Uncomfortable

 A campaign to disrupt racism on and off the ice and make hockey welcoming for EVERYONE

6,312 people have pledged so far, will you?

The Black Girl Hockey Club is bringing together BIPOC players, fans, media members, executives, sponsors, allies, and other stakeholders to explore the necessary steps the sport must take to disrupt racism on and off the ice and make hockey welcoming for EVERYONE.

The Get Uncomfortable Campaign is developing a comprehensive set of recommendations on how all entities involved in hockey, at all levels, can meaningfully contribute to the movement against discrimination and oppression of BIPOC communities in society.

We welcome collaboration with any interested stakeholder and strongly invite allies to join us, as we cannot continue to bear the burden of disrupting racism alone. However, this Campaign is committed to centering Black women, women of color, BIPOC communities, and all others who are impacted by prejudice and injustice both inside and outside of hockey. 

Undoubtedly these conversations are difficult, as they can challenge one’s perspectives and approach to our roles in hockey and society at large.  But progress is rarely easy, and often requires being open minded and vulnerable, and making a genuine commitment to improve one’s impact on others.  Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that ALL members of our community can truly enjoy hockey – the greatest sport in the world.  To get there, though, we may need you to Get Uncomfortable.

Preliminary Campaign Objectives

  • ENCOURAGE the hockey community to make a welcoming space for Black girls and all BIPOC communities as players and fans of the sport.
  • EMPLOY and recruit BIPOC applicants to begin the process of diversifying hockey at all levels.
  • EDUCATE the hockey community on social justice and allyship with guidance from BIPOC leaders, anti-racism experts, advocates, players, and fans.


Black Girl Hockey Club has been leading extensive dialogue with key stakeholders, advocates, and thought leaders in the hockey community through multiple high-impact gatherings including: