R. Renee Hess, Black Girl Hockey Club Founder and Executive Director

The Black Girl Hockey Club (BGHC) was founded in 2018 by R. Renee Hess to unite Black women in the hockey community. Renee is the Associate Director of Service Learning at La Sierra University, where she earned a Master’s in Literature. She resides on the executive, programming, and finance committees of the BGHC, hosting events and networking with various hockey entities. Renee proudly advocates for Black women in hockey through education, representation, and community building.  Her favorite team is the Pittsburgh Penguins and she has at least one hockey-related tattoo. In Renee’s “spare time,” she is a freelance writer and adjunct professor.

Black Girl Hockey Club Board of Directors

Ayodele Odubela, Chairperson

Ayodele Odubela has been a hockey fan for over a decade. Studying in Pittsburgh helped her fall in love with the Pittsburgh Penguins. She is a Data Scientist and dog lover who is passionate about seeing the spark new hockey fans experience. Ayodele sits on the Black Girl Hockey Club Board of Directors Executive Committee and works tirelessly to make sure that hockey is sustainable and available in the Black community.

Deanne Knipschild, Treasurer

DeAnne has a Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction from La Sierra University, and works as an Administrative Assistant in the School of Education and a Contract Teacher at her Alma Mater. In her free time, DeAnne volunteers as a Music Director at Gardena Genesis Community Church and she sings in a touring band called “Sweet Mischief”. DeAnne is the Financial Director of Black Girl Hockey Club and sits on several committees within that organization. DeAnne fights for equality, civil rights, and prison reform. DeAnne is honored to be a part of BGHC organization and is looking forward to the education, reform, and fun BGHC brings to the community and the sport of hockey.

Rochelle Taylor, Secretary

Rochelle is a an avid Pittsburgh Penguins fan but is still good friends with her hometown team, the Kings. She discovered BGHC through friends and so far the best hockey related experiences have all involved BGHC and the wonderful community that is being built. Rochelle sits on the BGHC Board of Directors Financial and Executive Committees and facilitates administrative work while outwardly amplifying the Black Girl Hockey Club mission and advocating for their voices in the community.

Tunisha Singleton, Member

Tunisha Singleton, Ph.D. is a Media Psychologist and emerging media, marketing and digital communications consultant. In addition to business consulting and serving Fielding Graduate University’s Department of Psychology as Adjunct Faculty, Dr. Singleton has turned her attention to tackling her passion in sports, working to boost fan engagement, build community relationships, and plant engaging touch points to fasten a supportive relationship between sports and society. Dr. Singleton sits on the BGHC Board of Directors Programming Committee and aspires to work with more organizations on projects surrounding sports and society, mental health, multiculturalism, and race/gender/LGBTQ empowerment.

Volunteer Leaders

Fatou Bah, Social Media Maven

Irrational DC sports fan living in NYC, whose favorite team is the Washington Capitals, Fatou is an events maven, world traveler, semi-decent plant mom, and the President of Tom Wilson’s fan club. Fatou works with BGHC to document events and share them with our followers on social media and assists with moderating virtual events. She has served with BGHC and organizations such as the Hetrick Martin Institute in NYC and Miller Elementary in Pittsburgh and attended a record number of BGHC hockey games.

Corinne Douglas, Advisor to the Executive Director

Corinne is a Washington DC resident and avid Caps fan who is always up to travel for hockey-related purposes. She has two twin daughters who were raised to be Philly Flyers fans, and her husband, Bill Douglas, runs the Color of Hockey blog. Corinne works closely with BGHC Executive Director and Corinne is a member of the BGHC Programming Committee.

Ashley Craig, Volunteer Writer

Ashley is a hardcore Pens fan living deep in West Virginia. She is the night editor at her hometown newspaper. Her fantasy hockey team once reached 3rd place in the BGHC league. Ashley has been writing for the BGHC website since April 2019 and excels at one-on-one interviews with folks like Kwame Mason, Matt Dumba, Sarah Nurse and J.T. Brown in print and at virtual events.

Angela P. Shenk, Volunteer

Angela is an artist, attorney and devoted Penguins fan living Connecticut. One of her favorite and most inspiring hockey experiences is sharing her love of hockey with the Miller Elementary students at the 2019 BGHC meetup in P’burgh. Angela spreads the ‘gospel’ of BGHC wherever she goes and assists the organization with virtual meetups and blog posts.

Jordan Dabney, Graphic Design Volunteer

Jordan is a self-taught artist whose range of work includes canvas paintings, digital prints, avatar, logo, tattoo, screen printing, sticker, and clothing designs. Jordan’s artwork is featured, across several social media platforms, websites, and organizations, including BGHC. Jordan loves watching, participating in, and coaching sports, as well as learning about sports history, statistics, and player activism. You can find her Redbubble shop here.

If you are interested in joining the Black Girl Hockey Club Board of Directors or volunteering for BGHC, please fill out the volunteer survey here.