It all started with a tweet.

Retta, best known for her role as “Donna” on the television show Parks and Recreation, has been a Kings hockey fan since 2013 and shows no signs of letting up. In 2016, Retta wrote a piece on, highlighting the development of her hockey obsession titled, “How I Became a Hockey Fan”, which was later featured on the Kings website.

 I love me some Kaaannnngggsss. I know that meeting a black woman with a love for hockey is a bit like stumbling upon a unicorn in the woods … or a unicorn anywhere. I’m sure it’d be just as surreal finding a unicorn in downtown Chicago. But here I am.


Snoop Dogg

Uncle Snoop is a long time hockey fan, best believe.

During the 2018 playoffs, Snoop narrated a series of promotionals for the NHL, and performed at the 2017 January All Star Game in Los Angeles. Although Snoop is from Los Angeles, his favorite team hails from Pittsburgh and he’s got a history with Mario Lemieux and his “dawg”, Sid the Kid.

There’s 87 reasons why I’m in here!

-Snoop Dogg

Spike Lee

Although Spike Lee hails from Brooklyn, he’s been known from time to time to cross the bridge and attend a few New York Rangers games at Madison Square Garden.

Spike even brings his kids to games and participates in the age-old tradition of swinging a white towel to confuse the enemy during playoff season.

What’s not to love about the bright lights, exuberant crowds and this incredibly fast-paced game? Hockey is amazing.

If you have a favorite Black hockey fan, let us know in the comments below.


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One thought on “3 Famous Black Hockey Fans We Love

  1. Tony X. (@soloucity on Twitter) is a fantastic, albeit relatively new, Black hockey fan from St. Louis. Some might say he is one of the inspirations for Chance the Rapper’s hockey reporter character on SNL. But Tony knows his stuff and he’s a great follow.

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